10 Things to Know About Crewtique: The Team Apparel Dancers Want

Posted by Stacie Collins on

Dancers need trendy and stylish high quality products made with comfortable stretch fabrics. We want your dancers to feel amazing, on trend, and incredibly proud when repping your brand. To accomplish this, there are a few keys things we do differently here at Crewtique. 

1. Designed by Dancers for Dancers

We search through thousands of materials to find the softest stretch fabrics that can best hold the shape of our designs, that can move with the dancer, and that can withstand rigorous use.

2. On Trend

While many team jacket options on the market are geared toward “dance teams” or cheer squads, our products are designed with the competitive dance studio in mind. It's a different vibe. Our Crewtique Team is made up of dance industry professionals... dance teachers, professional dancers/choreographers, former studio owners, competition directors... so our market research is conducted through our everyday lives in the industry. Being so connected to both dancers and dance teachers on a daily basis gives us great insight. We are able to innovate and develop products that they adore.

3. Detailed & Unique

Each item is designed with a unique feature whether it be the fit (no boxy, bland styles here), the incredible fabric, flattering contoured seams, zipper pockets, accent zippers, or trim and accent color details. Every detail is intentional and is intended to evoke a certain feeling when worn.

4. Highest Quality

Quality control is of utmost importance to us. Every product is examined prior to shipping. We stand behind our products. If you are unhappy with your items upon receiving an order, we will replace them. And after some time if something breaks (kids will be kids), we will fix it.

5. Risk Free

Aside from our quality guarantee, we also offer sample boxes with free shipping, free return shipping, and a full refund when it is returned. This allows you to see the fit and fabric of various items and to size your team before ordering.

6. We've Got the Whole Team Covered

We know the little ones want to be the like the big ones. All of our jackets come in sizes Y4 to AXXL so your whole team can have one cohesive look. And for the guys, we have created many unisex styles to match the ladies. Complimentary styles are also available in each collection that can be perfect for parents or teachers/staff.

7. Customization Made Easy

Customizing to promote your brand... that's what this is all about! We offer customization services in-house and guarantee the highest quality final product. Our All-Inclusive Embellishment Packages include logo embellishment, names customization, setup, artwork prep, and professional design review. Choose from embroidery, screen print, rhinestones, foil, glitter, or patches/appliques. Each item will arrive labeled in poly-bags. There are no additional charges for digitizing, color changes, screens, specialty inks or flash fees. The package also includes our “Easy Re-Order” feature which allows a waiver of minimums for any re-order of the same jackets using the same art/embellishment design… so if you forget one or you add someone to the team during the year, we’ve got you covered. And even better, when you are ready to re-order next season, minimums on jackets are not a concern. But to make things even easier, we sell blanks as well if you prefer to have someone local handle your customization embellishments.

8. Stylists At Your Service

Designing a team look can be overwhelming. Or maybe you just don't have the time. Our stylists are ready to help. They can assist with style selections, artwork, colors, and more!

9. Studios Can Profit

It is up to you to decide what price to charge for your team apparel items. We offer tiered quantity price breaks and all pricing is hidden from the public. We can help you set prices for your team or set you up with an online Studio Store where we will collect all orders and payment, process the order, and ship directly to you with your profit check. 

10. We Are a Community

When you become our client, you are part of the family! We want to help, inspire, and connect with you in every way possible... beyond team apparel. We have a true love for the dance industry and for what you do. We want you to succeed and thrive.

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