Customization Studio


Through our in-house customization studio, we offer three main types of embellishement options; embroidery, screen print, and heat press transfers (which include vinyl, foil, glitter, and rhinestones). Each method has its own pros and cons but all provide an incredible outcome for your studio or team branding. The ultimate decision comes down to personal preference and the desired artwork & look of the finished product.

Our team of "stylists" is here to assist you in determining the best embellishment method for your design, to help you create an incredible look for your team branding, and to ensure that your choices are classy and cool!  


Embroidery is a method of decorating apparel by stitching logos and lettering onto items using thread which produces a crisp, classic look. Traditionally, custom embroidery doesn’t wash or fade out. It becomes part of the fabric on the item. And the thread used holds up slightly better than the ink transfer in screen printing.

Embroidery is the best choice when your design is smaller or contains less "fill", when multiple colors are required in the art design, or when the desired look and style is only acheived through this method.


Screen Printing, which is also known as Silk Screening, is a method of decorating apparel using inks that lay on top of the shirt. Your design gets printed onto a screen and that screen is then laid on top of the item being customized. Ink is spread across it and seeps through only the parts of the screen left open. The ink dries on top of the fabric, leaving your bold logo looking fresh.

Screen Print is the best choice when your artwork is large and uses 3 or less colors. Additionally, on most tees and tanks, screen print is the desired method as it brings with it a certain vibe and style that cannot be acheived through embroidery or heat press.



Heat Press Transfers including rhinestone, foil, glitter, vinyl, appliques, patches, and special lettering or numbers are methods of decorating apparel using a vinyl cutter and heat application. In addition, other special effect options such as distressed lettering, large names, names in various unique locations and more all become possible with the heat press.

Heat press is the best choice when these types of special effects are desired and artwork contains 3 or less colors.