Studio Store Setup

Let's create a Studio Store!
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    To get started, browse through products on the site. When you see a product that you want in your store, click "Add to Wishlist" at the top of the product page or click the heart on the collection page.
    Once you have added 6-8 products, fill out and submit the form below. If you need assistance selecting products, select a few now and your Store Designer can assist you in completing your selections. Please upload any print-ready art files as well as a studio logo to use as your store's page header.
    Within 3 business days, our Store Designer will reach out to schedule a phone meeting to review your art designs and complete your store setup. At that time, any desired Display or Sample Boxes may be ordered.

More Info - All About Stores

We will set up your custom store page and provide you with a link to share as well as a Media Pack and advertising tips to promote your store. Your customers are charged a pre-set price per item which includes shipping and embellishments. Your store closing / order deadline date is determined based on your in-hand requested date and the current lead times. Orders will be processed and fulfilled after the store's close date and are then shipped to the studio for disbursement. When certain minimums are met, you may qualify for a 10%-15% studio kickback.

The studio kickbacks are set up in a tiered system.

      • Studio Store sales totaling more than $3,000 will receive a 15% kickback.

      • Studio Store sales totaling $2,000-$3,000 will receive a 10% kickback.

      • Studio Store sales totaling less than $2,000 do not qualify for a kickback.


Minimums are required per item or art design. If minimums are not met, the cost for the remaining quantities will be deducted from the studio kickback. If the kickback is not achieved or not enough to cover the cost, additional fees may be owed or all/part of the order may need to be cancelled. Your Store Designer will help you determine the ideal number of items to offer per design to reach minimums. The minimums are as follows.

      • New Jacket orders are a minimum of 24. No minimum on Jacket re-orders.

      • Tees, Tanks, Bottoms, and Accessories are a combined per-order minimum of 12 per logo / art design.

We suggest using a maximum of 3 different artwork styles in your store and using each art design on multiple items to help meet the required minimums and to keep your branding cohesive. Artwork is to be provided by you, or you may purchase design services at the time of your meeting with the Store Designer.

We suggest ordering a Sample Box for jackets and pants. Sample Boxes can be rented for a 2-week period and work best when you schedule set days/times for your customers to stop in for a fitting. Additionally, you may order a Display Box for a two week rental period in which we will send you a sample item (blank, not embellished) for any Move Society brand tees / tanks / etc to display in the studio and promote your online store.