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Custom Made Easy

Customizing to promote your brand... that's what this is all about! We offer customization services in-house and guarantee the highest quality final product.

Our All-Inclusive Embellishment Packages include logo embellishment, names customization, setup, artwork prep, and professional design review. Choose from embroidery, screen print, rhinestones, foil, glitter, or patches/appliques. Each item will arrive labeled in poly-bags. There are no additional charges for digitizing, color changes, screens, specialty inks or flash fees.

The Team Jacket Embellishment Package also includes our “Easy Re-Order” feature which allows a waiver of minimums for any re-order of the same jackets using the same art/embellishment design… so if you forget one or you add someone to the team during the year, we’ve got you covered. And even better, when you are ready to re-order next season, minimums on jackets are not a concern. 


Embroidery is a method of decorating apparel by stitching logos and lettering onto items using thread which produces a crisp, classic look. Traditionally, custom embroidery doesn’t wash or fade out. It becomes part of the fabric on the item. And the thread used holds up slightly better than the ink transfer in screen printing.

Embroidery is the best choice when your design is smaller or contains less "fill", when multiple colors are required in the art design, or when the desired look and style is only acheived through this method.

Screen Print

Screen Printing, which is also known as Silk Screening, is a method of decorating apparel using inks that lay on top of the shirt. Your design gets printed onto a screen and that screen is then laid on top of the item being customized. Ink is spread across it and seeps through only the parts of the screen left open. The ink dries on top of the fabric, leaving your bold logo looking fresh.

Screen Print is the best choice when your artwork is large and uses 3 or less colors. Additionally, on most tees and tanks, screen print is the desired method as it brings with it a certain vibe and style that cannot be acheived through embroidery or heat press.

Heat Press

Heat Press Transfers including rhinestone, foil, glitter, vinyl, appliques, patches, and special lettering or numbers are methods of decorating apparel using a vinyl cutter and heat application. In addition, other special effect options such as distressed lettering, large names, names in various unique locations and more all become possible with the heat press.

Heat press is the best choice when these types of special effects are desired and artwork contains 3 or less colors.


about us

Crewtique® is a division of the Move Society® brand and was born out of a need to serve the dance community with quality, trendy products for team apparel and custom branded merchandise.... the products that dancers actually want to wear. Our team is made up of dance professionals, former studio owners, competition directors, and dance teachers. We strive to enrich the lives of our customers, inspire the world of dance, and bring innovation to our industry. 

Designed by Dancers

We search for the softest stretch fabrics that can best hold the shape of our designs, that can move with the dancer, and that can withstand rigorous use.

On Trend

Our products are designed with the competitive dance studio in mind. It's a specific vibe. We are able to find or innovate and develop products that dancers adore.

Detail & Quality

Quality and design is of utmost importance. Whether it be the fit, the fabric, contouring seams, or accent zippers, every detail is intended to evoke a certain feeling when worn.

Risk Free Samples

Aside from our quality guarantee, we offer sample boxes with free two-way shipping and a full refund when returned for you to see the fit/fabric and to size your team before ordering.

All Sizes + Guys

All of our jackets come Y4 to AXXL so your whole team can have one cohesive look. And for the guys, we have created many unisex styles to match the ladies. 

Studio Profit

Buy in bulk discounts or set up a studio store and earn kickbacks. You decide what price to charge for your team items. Pricing is availabe through approved accounts only.


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our brands

Our offerings include custom designed pieces from our brand, Move Society, as well as a curated selection of on-trend dancer approved items from brands we love including Bella Canvas, Next Level, Alternative, American Apparel, Comfort Colors, Independent Trading Company, LAT Apparel, and more.